Blind But Not
Hand Knit Scarves for Dogs



was started as an attempt to pay it forward to Pug Rescue organizations as a thank you for the joy that Bodie and Spanky have given us, Jane & Chris.

We rescued Bodie as a 3 year old pug from Pug Rescue of Florida. He was a dream come true as we had longed to own a pug for years, but circumstances had made us wait… Fast forward 3 years and Spanky joined us, also from Pug Rescue of Florida. We saw his adorable little face on the adoptable pug page and fell in love. Spanky was a 10 year old Blind pug, looking for his forever home. After a 3 hour drive to meet him we brought him home! We will admit it was a bit rocky at first. Bodie was very jealous, especially around food, but we persevered and now the two are best of friends. Spanky’s can-do happy character made us want to try to help rescues and also shine a light on senior rescues!!

I, Jane (Bodie & Spanky's mom), had made a couple of scarves for friends, in particular @otisthepugwalsh, and people loved them - so Blind But Not was born!!

In our spare time we make scarves and sell them with ALL the profits going to Pug Rescue!!! We have raised $20,000 to date for 17 different rescues and are working on the 21st $1,000 donation which will bring us to a total of $21,000 donated to Pug Rescues since we started! All from making cute little scarves!!!

Pug Rescues we have Helped

Pug Rescue of Florida - $2,000
Compassionate Pug Rescue - $1,000
Blue Grass Pug Rescue - $1,000

Pug Nation LA $2,000
Puglanta - $1,000
Central Coast Pug Rescue - $1,000
Pug Rescue of Austin - $1,000
Pug Hearts of Houston - $1,000
Pug Rescue of New England - $1,000
MOPs Pug Rescue - $1,000

Mid-West Pug Rescue $1,000

Pug Queen - $1,000
We're currently working on a $1,000 donation for Pug Queen.