Blind But Not
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Spanky's Pearls of Wisdom

I'm Blind.
That's not what defines me, not one little bit.
Love defines me. A whole lot. I love and I am loved. It feels good!

I wasn't always loved. I'm a rescued pug. When the good folks at Pug Rescue of Florida took me in I was not in great shape. I had lost a lot of my lovely fur because of flea bites. They think I had been tied up outside. I was also really skinny. No pug should be skinny, it's not our style! We embrace squishy!

So unbeknown to me my forever parents saw my picture on the rescue website and fell in love. They already had a pug they had rescued, Bodie, but they fell for my charms and arranged to meet me!  It didn't go totally great. We met in a pet store in Orlando and I was scared. My tail was tucked and I was sad. My foster mom was in tears because she didn't want to say goodbye but I got in the car with my new brother and parents and drove for to a new life of LOVE!

I don't even know I'm blind. I run around and have a blast!! As this new year kicks of I say don't let negativity define you!! Be as brave as me!!!!! If you are unsure take tiny steps! When you are sure, and loved, you will fly!!! But remember, to be loved you have to love, so go and give somebody a big lick! X🐾x