Blind But Not
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A Pugs Road Trip

Do you like road trips?  We love them! Mama says we are just like teenagers on the road! We go to sleep in the back seat and only wake up for snack and potty breaks!

Road trips go much better if we just follow our routine. For example, on a trip to Washington DC from our home in Atlanta we had to leave in the wee small hours. Rather than feed us way earlier than usual we just got gently woken up and transplanted to our comfy beds on the back seat. What did we do? Went straight back to sleep :-) Then, a few hours later we stopped at a rest stop and ate our normal breakfast, at the normal time, al fresco on a towel by the side of the road! A little walkies to go potty  and we were back to sleep in a jiffy!! 

We are such creatures of habit that everything goes better in our lives if we stick to our routines as much as possible! Even on road trips! So beep beep!!! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!!!! 


Bodie & Spanky Rescue Pugs - Blind but Not