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Soft and Fluffy

When we meet new friends they always comment on how soft our fur is! I consider this to be an accomplishment because when I was rescued I had very little fur at all! My brother Bodie is particularly soft!!!

So while every pug is different and Mom thinks we have good genes :-) here are a few things that the pawrents do to help us stay silky smooth.

We get a bath once a month. We use special shampoo from the vet and visit our special friend Tasha at Clip and Dip because Mom found out by trial and error that Bodie is very sensitive and would get hot spots when she bathed him!! (she probably didn’t rinse him properly - Silly Mama)

We eat a good quality dog food. Fromms actually. We eat kibble twice a day and in the evening we have a teaspoon of Weruva wet dog food mixed in. We LOVE it!!!!!

We have Coconut oil in our breakfast 3 times a week. It’s SO delicious. Just a teaspoon. On a couple of other mornings we get some fish oil in our breakfast. OMP!!! My favorite!!!! We also get a little spoon of plain non-fat greek yoghurt in our breakfast every day.

This combined with brushing (although Mama is not nearly as good about brushing us as she should be) seems to translate into wonderful soft coats!!!!!

WE hope you stop by to see us soon!





Chris Cottrell