Blind But Not
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Oh Brother! I Got a Brother

When the pawrents rescued me I was 10 and Bodie was 6. He had already lived with them for 3 years as they rescued him as a 3 year old. A lot of people ask us if we got along well straight away and the short answer to that is NO!

Bodie had been in charge for 3 years and is quite a dominant character, especially around food. He made sure he told me very firmly if I got on his nerves! As I'm blind I would often bump into him which annoyed him too! (Can't think why!)

Anyway, everyone was very patient, which is key! We were never fed close to each other and Bodie was always fed first - even given treats first so he still felt like King Puggy. Mom gave Bodie lots of individual love too ❤ Slowly, Bo started to warm to me - it took about 6 months until he loved me to pieces!! I am pretty loveable! Now of course, he famously sits right on top of me in his quest to be as close to me as possible! 

Bodie & Spanky Pug
Chris Cottrell