Blind But Not
Hand Knit Scarves for Dogs


"I Can't See a Problem"

People often ask Mama what it's like living with a blind pug. Well pretty darn Terrific if you ask me!!  I was blind when they found me at Pug Rescue of Florida. I have Mature Cataracts. The first thing they did was march me off to see the eye specialist to see if they could help me see! Sadly my eyes had been neglected for so long that my retinas are flat, what ever that means, so I am not a candidate for cataract surgery.

Not to worry!! Mama called the scarf company 'Blind But Not' for a reason! I'm fearless!! They don't confuse me by moving furniture and on my walks I like a constant tension on the leash so that I'm confident:-)  I can't do stairs but if you tell me up I will hop up curbs with no problem! I do everything Bodie does! So, if you see a little blind Pugneeding a home consider having them join your family!  Mama says she has never met a dog as loving as me and that is because the trust I have in my forever family is absolute!! I know I'm safe :-)


Chris Cottrell